Where will my tour start?

Hidden Lakeland tours start from Kendal Station, Oxenholme Station, or Kendal bus station, where your guide, Tracey Gannon, will meet you from your train or bus, unless we have already agreed upon an alternative meeting point.

How do you tailor your tour to me?

Our Enquiry Form asks you some questions. Your answers will help us to tailor a tour itinerary that matches your interests and requirements. We’ll share your tour itinerary and details of any additional costs with you before asking you to book.

How much should I expect to pay for my tour?

Tour prices for all tours except Bespoke Hidden Lakeland* are calculated on a price per tour basis, for a maximum of five people.

Prices are for the guide fee only (£120 for half day tours, and £200 for full day tours).

This fee does not include any additional costs for your lunch, travel and entry fees to attractions (eg. museums, galleries). Your tailored itinerary will set out these additional costs.

We will share this with you before asking you to make your booking. You are asked to prepare cash and/or carry a credit card on the day of your tour to cover these costs.

* Prices for Bespoke Hidden Lakeland tours are determined by your requirements.

How fit do I need to be?

Lakeland is hilly, so there may be a certain amount of hard walking, even in towns. This may be tiring for you if you are not especially fit.

So long as you are frank with me about how much you can do, we will tailor your tour to a route and pace you are comfortable with.

For this reason, do please do let me know at the outset if you have a pre-existing medical condition that we should be aware of when planning your tour.

What should I wear and bring?

All Hidden Lakeland tours involve walking and some may include muddy trails. You are therefore advised to dress for the season and wear comfortable footwear (sneakers, stout shoes or walking boots).

You should wear or carry a light raincoat, given that it rains frequently and often without warning in Lakeland.

You will need cash (essential) and a credit card (optional) for food and transportation. Carrying some water, an umbrella, a snack, and a camera is highly advisable.

What will I do for meals on my tour?

This depends on what, where and how often you wish to eat!

The UK has far more variety than you may have been led to expect, offering delicious local foods and beverages as well as international cuisine.

Vegetarians and vegans are generally well provided for, and most restaurants and pubs have menus that show clearly foods that are meat-free, dairy-free and acceptable for those with an allergy to gluten, nuts, etc.

Please remember that as your tour price does not include the cost of any food or drink consumed during your tour, you will be expected to bring cash or a credit card with you on the day of your tour to pay for your food and drink purchases.

What do I do about my luggage?

You will be travelling on public transport and/or on foot for your tour. You should therefore restrict your luggage to one small handbag or daypack and arrange to leave your suitcases at your hotel rather than carry it with you.

Many hotels and guest houses offer their customers luggage storage facilities, for free or for a small charge. You are strongly advised to take advantage of such facilities where available.

What about toilet facilities?

Most restaurants, pubs and teashops have facilities that you can use and public toilets are also available in many places. We will let you know how long it will be approximately to the next restroom break before taking you anywhere that toilet facilities are not available.

How do I book?

There’s no need to book or pay until after you’ve received your tailored itinerary. Along with your itinerary you will receive a Booking Form, my Terms and Conditions, and a request to pay by Paypal. Your tour will be confirmed only when you have returned the Booking Form and paid in full.

What should I do if I need to cancel a booking?

All cancellations of booked tours should be made in writing by email to hello@hiddenlakeland.co.uk

Please note that telephone calls and text messages are unacceptable as a form of communication when cancelling a tour.

Do you have a refunds policy for cancellations?

Charges and refunds for tour cancellations are as follows:

  • Cancellation up to 8 days before the tour date, full refund less bank charges and a £15 administration charge.
  • Between 7 days and 24 hours of your tour day, 50% of the tour price is refundable.
  • Within 24 hours of the tour departure, no refund will be given.

What will happen if my tour is cancelled?

If Hidden Lakeland has to cancel a tour for any reason (i.e. adverse weather conditions, illness or unavoidable problems regarding the provision of public transport), you will receive a full refund within two weeks of the date on which your tour was cancelled.

You will receive confirmation by email when a refund has been completed.