Meet Your Guide

My name is Tracey Gannon and I lead all the tours offered by Hidden Lakeland.

I have lived for half of my life, and almost all of my adult life in Japan, sharing my love of the romantic poets and the places in the Lakes that inspired them with Japanese graduate students at Kyoto University for more than 14 years.

I’ve been a student, a teacher, an editor, and now I am a tour guide. Though I still love to teach, I’m thrilled to spend my time outdoors, following in the footsteps of poets and nature lovers, and showing rather than telling.

Deeply in love still with Kyoto as well as my home of Kendal, I’m eager to make the most of my knowledge and enthusiasm for both parts of the world in sharing the best – but not necessarily the best known – of Lakeland with you.

Vision and Values

For you – I’ve lived and worked in your country for most of my adult life and have called it home.  You made me welcome in your country and now I’m welcoming you to mine – offering extensive first-hand experience of Japan and Japanese culture, as well as Japanese language skills to share lesser known but incredible aspects of Lakeland with you.

For nature – with new World Heritage status for the Lake District National Park visitor numbers are set to keep soaring. By travelling sustainably with me – using public transport or travelling on foot wherever possible – you’ll be “treading lightly” in Lakeland – making sure this beautiful region continues to gain from its visitors, with no loss to itself.

For community – I’ll be introducing you to local foods, local expertise, local crafts and businesses that are as much a part of Lakeland as the magnificent views and natural heritage you’d expect of the landscapes that inspired Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth and John Ruskin. When you shop, eat or learn something new, you’ll be supporting the people who live and work here, and helping them keep Lakeland special for all of us.